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We make it easy for marketing and creative agencies to increase profits and build a thriving, sustainable business by providing them with key financial insights.


You need us if...

Whether you’re hiring a bookkeeper for the first time or hiring us to solve a specific problem, you need a team that can grow with you.

Understanding your business’ numbers shouldn’t be stressful.

Our Promise To You

When you work with us on a monthly basis…

You’ll stay one step ahead

Your bookkeeping will always be up-to-date so that when you need to apply for a loan, file your taxes, or make sound financial decisions, your data will be available and accurate.

You’ll have what you need

You’ll never have to chase us down for your financial info. Each month, we’ll make your financial reports available to you in a shared folder, and either meet 1:1 or send a personalized video breaking down what you need to know, and where you may need to take action

Your business will grow

Your agency will have a solid financial foundation to build on. You will be able to make hiring, contracting, coaching, and client decisions based on financial facts!

Hey, I’m Abby!

I started my career in a boutique PR agency, and after almost two decades of myriad experience, I know this to be true: 

Too many agencies take on new clients or contractors with a simple ‘revenue in, expenses out’ mindset. This might work for you at first, but it is not sustainable!

I combine my deep knowledge of how small agencies grow with a passion for sustainability to offer bookkeeping services that work for you – so you can focus on delivering great work for your clients. 

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